Monday, September 9, 2013

Everything you need to know about cloth diapering

1. It's not hard!
2. It's not (that) gross

I think some of my family and friends thought I was a little nuts when I said we were going to use cloth diapers but 5 months going strong, I don't regret it! I can't imagine how many disposable diapers we would have gone through by now. Sure I know friends who received lots of diapers at their baby showers but unlike the cloth diapers I got those disposables won't last forever. The one package of newborn diapers we did use was gone after just 2 days! What I'm trying to get at here is that cloth diapering is a big money saver.

There are a  lot of guides online to cloth diapering, I'll share some of my favorites later on, but some of them are so long that I think they make the process seem intimidating. My goal is to give you a quick and dirty guide to how I have diapered my daughter and show you how easy it is.

My supplies:

Pocket diapers: our overnight diaper
  • 1 package of newborn disposable diapers
  • assorted wipes (whatever we got at my baby shower)
  • about 30 pre-folded cloth diapers assorted brands
  • 6 one size pocket diapers assorted brands with 7 inserts
  • 4 one size Flip diaper covers
  • 4 newborn/small size diaper covers with umbilical stump snap
  • 1 wet bag
  • All Free and Clear detergent
  • 1 diaper bucket with lid